It is much regret that we have to announce that the VPN will no longer be operational after 31st March 2016, following Vodafone's decision earlier this year to discontinue the NHS VPN Token service. 

Vodafone ( previously Cable & Wireless) worked with the NHS Information Authority, the fore runner of Connecting for Health, to create a remote access solution to access NHS network resources. This solution meets the growing demand for remote working and the increasing requirement for high speed access to NHS computer systems from remote workers.  
This solution was tested and approved by the NHS IA and is now available through the Framework Agreements between Vodafone (Cable & Wireless) and the NHS.
This web site is designed to assist in understanding the service, from basic knowledge to ordering and installation.
What does the service offer?
The Health VPN service provides NHS personnel the ability to securely and simply access NHS computer systems from any remote location.
How does it work?
The Health VPN service is based upon the remote computer creating a secure, encrypted data "tunnel" to NHS (N3) network.The remote user's identity is validated by use of a token based strong authentication service. Upon successful validation the user is connected into N3 and at this point can access N3 resources and their organisation's own computer systems.
What type of service access?
The Health VPN service has been designed to provide maximum flexibility in terms of the types of access mechanisms that can be used to connect into the NHS network. The service enables each user to connect via any or all of the following services: Broadband Internet, Mobile Internet (4G or3G and GPRS).
For example a doctor on call could access patient records from home using broadband and then access the same records via a laptop using mobile broadband while on the call.
Is the service Secure ?
Yes. The Health VPN service was tested and approved by the NHS Information Authority. It is the only internet based service that was tested and approved.
What do you need to do?
The basic Health VPN service does not require any expenditure beyond the rental of the security tokens.
If you have any questions about implementing the service within your organisation please Contact Us.  
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